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'ode to no net,' or 'how i've spent my day'

Posted to Action Poetry

rise at dawn
lotus with blanket
(cant trust morning
mosquitoes and such)
mystic ohmm singing
circled by humlight
crickets, the calmness
of sparrows in song

still the dark hovers
i take to my journal
enscribing streams of
again and again
the lines vaguely
present, the thoughts
quite irreverent

to net, to friends
to start my day.
what? i cringe
with no wing net
no net i say
no reaching out
just inner play

smiles of freedom?
what will i do
with so much yinyang
the secret codes!

no net no contact
damn techie
i fire you
i singe your meager
saturday efforts
i fie on your
sons those ugly
i call on the
cosmic vengeance team
to wreak havoc
with your nicotine
run brain
Fie! Fiend!
i shall find
a way.....

and so it was
and so it is
and kibbutz life
is not all its
cracked up to be