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stars on a dense jupiter night

Posted to Action Poetry

hello baby yeah glad to meet ya
can i light yer cigarette ya don't smoke
i know this song it sucks who wrote it
how do see with those dark glasses
i had a dog once, hit by a car
wonder what i got in my pocket,
swirled smooth agate carved with symbols
i don't know what it means but i bought it
on an impulse, violet green boutique
i'm bothered by stop signs, tall trees
opening up to the teeming world
scares the bile out of my body baby
how do you do that to yer hair
do you feel like taking a walk
oh i see so & so used to work with him
i dig stars baby, stars on a dense jupiter night
i just completely live fer bad colliding stars
& you, what is the name you give
to yer spiraling snow-capped dreams?

(markk is arranging the furniture at