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ode to KEROUAC

Posted to Action Poetry

Jack the Poetry Father
The Writing Buddha
who blew long jazz
blues poetry choruses

Searched the states
looking for himself
finally found Buddha
on the Mount

His poetry and prose
are Catholic alcholic enlightenment

He was the "Legend of Dulouz"
Who died of his
Great Maha Meru

Showed us the world
in all its simple
filth and tragedy

I wonder, did he find

Is he
eternally enlightened

or is he just conjoled
with the fact that
his fever is gone

Does he acknowledge that
he enraged a fever
in future generations

As I sit and write
I ponder what he
thinks of our world and
will I ever meet
The Writing Buddha
hear him read his
words in his voice

Here is my Poim to Jack? mr. mojo risin