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Soiling the Snow

Posted to Action Poetry

It is snowing in January
The light fluffy and pillowy kind
I watch outside from my window

It is night
I must search at the street light
to make sure it hasnt stopped
All the parked cars are buried

There arent any footprints; but there will be
One pair of tracks on the street
Some who has to get home

I close my eyes
Entrusting nature to keep it coming
A hearty and warm slumber

It is morning
And the light, altho dull and grey
The land is visible

The snow is deep
The street, sidewalk unrecognizable
trees sugared and sweet

All is white
Nothing can compromise the innocence
Just then, a big, ugly, polluted plow
blows thru the street
With its salty belly and grotesque face
It takes pleasure in sabotaging the purity