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Announcement: Coming on April 30, the first monthly Awards

Posted to Action Poetry

The cut-off date is April 30 for poems to be posted on this board to be eligible for the first ever totally-unauthorized monthly awards: The much covetted Boiling Rhinocerous*, to be known affectionately as The Rhino. Unfortunately, in order to not offend members of any soon-to-go-on-strike writers' guilds, we will be presenting the award in the manner of a game show, giving the award and a one-million-dollar prize to one poet, and voting another off the website. Ha, ha. Just kidding. BUT, do stay tuned to his thread for more information regarding judging, the nominees and (eventually) THE WINNER -- who won't get any prize, but WILL have something to add to his/her resume!

If you would like to be a judge (which will mean that you will have to agree to read 1000+ poems. whew! Please post a reply to this message!

* named in honor of the story Burroughs and Kerouac never completed, tentatively named "The Rhinos All Boiled in their Tanks," meant to memorialize a terrible mishap at a zoo in New York.