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exerpts from emails I recently recvd- re: the state of the world (911, etc)

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I didn't write this. I received several emails from which I am quoting and I asked the author to come join us here but he hasn't come over here yet..... I also asked him if it was ok to quote him and he said yes.

I was hoping his thoughts could initiate a discussion regardng some of these issues.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

quoting the author........

The FBI knew far in advance about Oklahoma and planted explosive in the rear of the building. It is physically impossible for a bomb in the front of the building to have done this damage. Many agents were warned not to co to work that day and to not put their children in the day care. FACT.

The people at Waco had to be shut up. They were reading the Bible and ptacticing the Second Amendment. When Janet Reno ordered the gas (which takes an act of Congress in a war) to be placed in the compound to guarantee no survivors, it was nothing less that treason. FACT

When Randy Weavers unarmed wife and child were shot and killed by Federal Agents the Government admitted their murderous ways and was ordered to pay millions to Randy Weaver. FACT

The Phoenix FBI Agent proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that Pres Bush knew about the Towers in advance. Explosives were placed in the buildings so that they could be imploded at will. This took months of preparation. Anybody stupid enough to believe that those tall buildings fell into such a neat pile from a hit near the top should get a labotomy and have their sex organs removed to prevent them from contributing to the gene pool. It was simply a way for the ever powerful government to remove more of our freedoms through fear tactics.

I live out in the desert . I grow my own food and get my electricity from solar and wind.

All of my neighbors are armed heavily. Most carry weapons of self defense 24/7.

We bottle our food from the garden for the winter. Some things we dry can with carbon dioxide. Like sugar, salt, pasta, etc. Some things can be kept safely in 30 gallon garbage pails. Mice can't get in.

More information on the government planning to blow some nuclear plants can be found at

Note that only retards pronounce it nucular.

I noticed that http://witchwellenergy is the leader in charge controller sales on eBay. Like if you search on charge controller, then 30% of them are offered by the good folks at

I wondered where they were all being shipped. All 50 states and Canada. But Washington DC and suburbs tie with California and Washington. A lot of people on boats. Even in Florida. The government people are very worried.

The government is actually distributing anti-nuke pills in 10 miles radius of nuke plants. You can get these right now for yourself at

Perhaps we need a forum for truth. I mean one that tells the truth about government conspiracies
and perhaps where people can turn for safety.

You may quote me. I believe what I say is true. I am not perfect. I am a child of God.

Certainly, it might be said that different persons present at the time of the events, depicted a different version.

Of those that lived and were not paid off, there seems to be a common thread.

1. The US Government would never sacrifice innocent people for research.

2. All military people were always protected against Agent Orange and other known harmful chemicals.

3. Of the 48.3% of people that went to Viet Nam and died of cancer, if not killed in combat, it is simply a coincidence.

Tell that to their widows.