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lovesweep tsunami welcome

Posted to Action Poetry

yesterday, the last gasp of the old way
a choking, smoking twisting demise
I barely noticed, my face
already turned due east
with the sun behind, illuminating
every tiny lifespec rattling before shaking eyes
a new glaring epidemic of sparkleflash light
a dawning, an interior detonation
of expanding mushrooming defiance
comes the great revolution, a lovesweep
through the fog of consciousness
a lovesweep through tiny clanking thoughts
a lovesweep in scarlet waves of understanding
a lovesweep on huge wings invading the waiting mind
acceptance of all sentient beings in cosmic lovesweep
muscles bone blood hair skin jumping molecules
all born of unstoppable overpowering lovesweep
the blinding ferocious force of lovesweep
understand what is beyond all comprehension
galactic timetumblers & no way to open
iron metal lock fittings of protean dust no key
exclamations of joy for what no longer matters
here now this then we us all unveiling purest
emerging towering wave aum om um womb
lovesweep tsunami welcome overwhelmed

(markk is eXstatic &