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proclaiming the death of salparadise

Posted to Action Poetry

oh sal where did i first meet you
on desolation row, in front of a
dry cleaners in des moines, in the badlands,
in colorado on top of wide stoned mountains
i did whatcha told me, i moaned for man
i was a mad drunken american on top of the world
yelling, yelling, beatdown on that road going,
out there with all the people dreaming
sal ye have served me well but itÂ’s time to say goodbye
IÂ’m firebent on proclaiming the emergence of lovesweep
& the caterwauling of free embrace
& the relentless godenergy of the universe
before you kick me out of yer shadow fall
before you boot me out of yer car roar
before you suckerpunch me in the hardgut
you can go back to the side of the road
with yer thumb out & hat pulled down
you always liked it better that way anywayz
sort of like alvah the lion fer real iÂ’m putting
a strange strange shoulder to the wheel

(markk is, as you might expect,