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just a chance encounter...

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... on the net through an email list i belong to

his name is Floyd... i have no clue what his last name is

i thought his comments were very interesting

we ALL want to know the truth, for crissake!! jeeezzzzz

isn't this board about discussing these matters and trying to uncover some truths and learning from each other?

who said anything about "listening to him"? meaning it seems you are implying that the person who wrote this is stating he's some kind of authority....Nobody said that. He's a person with opinons. Just like you and me.

The man made some statements which have to do with current affairs of the world. And in that regard, i think we SHOULD listen to him just like we should listen to everybody's opinions.

AND i think his whole point is that "these sick fucks can blow up the world" ....

so what the hell is wrong with hearing someone's opinions and discussing matters which pertain to all of us?

you know, one of the major problems in this world is ANGER and bad attitudes.

If more people had an open mind and were willing to discuss important issues without slamming each other and getting angry, it's a possibility that we could move forward toward figuring out how to best survive and best deal with what's going on

Comapassion and Love go a long way toward that end

Lighten up and open up, would ya?