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my casual writing and speech...

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.... often include "believe me", and "trust me when I tell you..."

to me it's just an exclamation

perhaps people who read it when i write or hear me say those phrases don't like the tone of it... i dunno...

to me, i'm just expressing an exclamation of sincerity... it might not be necessary, sure, but it's a declarative speech style and a habit, whether a good one or bad one, i don't know about that either... i DO know it's sincere... believe me!!... hehe

i haven't read many of sid's posts but i can agree with you from reading this one that he's got some anger in him

hell, we've all got some anger right about now, don't we?

i just thought the emails i received were interesting... some of the statements i agree with wholeheartedly... some are a little too radical for my thinking, but i do understand how people could come to such conclusions.....

there are so many grey areas.... it isn't all black and white

the issues Floyd brought up are important ones, imho, which is why i invited him here to post .... he mentioned he hoped to find a board to "discover truth" or something like that (i paraphrase) and i immediately thought of this new board Levi put up because to me, that's what it's about


thanks gordon