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Twin Towers

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The statement about 9/11, and the towers gives me pause... yes, how did those towers fall flat? I'm sure many of us have seen videos of large buildings being flattened by multiple explosives...falling upon its own rubble, without disturbing other buildings around it (except for glass damage).

Since you originally posted that passage, my mind has been rehearsing the Twin Towers event as I saw it on the news, and I must say there seems to be a parallel. The reason put forth was when the planes struck and exploded into the Towers and the massive amount of fuel igniting, the steel supports in effect melted causing the structural support system to fail. However at the great height at which the planes struck, would it not just cause the steel to collapse in the upper sections only? Why would the entire building(s) collapse?

I admit I am not a structural engineer, but I would like to read/hear how an entire bldg would collapse from a strike 100 stories above the base, and fall 'flat', as if the complete base support gave way simutaneously, not only once, but twice...?

Has anyone here ever seen anything to explain that phenomenon?


Oklahoma: My memory of the bombing recalls that the rear of this bldg (name?) was left intact. The entire front was turned to rubble, yes. Could a 26 foot rent-a-truck contain enough home-made explosives to cause this much damage to the front of this bldg? I cannot comment on that due to my lack of knowledge in explosives. Is it a "Fact"? I truly don't know.

BTW: when does 'reality' and 'paranoia' clash?

Thanks, Do', for bringing this post to us. I find it thoughtful (only because I cannot fully trust "Jr"...) Have you googled "Carlyle Group" lately? I did this a.m. and found some heavy shit.