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i know what it is & itÂ’s coming our way

Posted to Action Poetry

on the blue horizon i see it looming
ducks, blue heron, canadian geese,
red fox, pheasant, beaver, osprey,
golden eagles, deer, bald eagles
all in awe afraid to move or run
in oak trees singing on the branches of the elm
full drooping willow, silver maple saplings
blue spruce tower through primitive fog
& the cedar comes imitating skycalls
& the joshua treeÂ’s ancient split trunk
is witness to unfolding spectacles
on peachtree st. thereÂ’s a man with
a shopping cart full of beer cans
gloves with the fingers cut off
a huge radiant smile as he comes
around the corner & sees it peeking
around the corner of a skyscraper
in hexagram canyon rock formations
carved thousands of years ago
by a missing race of cave dwellers
the 13th of the 12 lost tribes of israel
the medicine man in ochre henna markings
depicting what he knows to be only real
& me, sitting in suburban hotwired half-life,
wine in porcelain goblets, full of premonitions
spectacular paisley dancethoughts in motion
rapturous symphonies of blessed responses
humble to receive one crumb of ultimate truth
i know, i know what it is & itÂ’s coming our way

(sal is screaming