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something's coming

Posted to Action Poetry

Could be!Who knows?There's something due any dayI will know, right awaySoon as it showsIt may come connanballing downThrough the skyGleam in its eye, bright as roseWho knows? It's only just out of reachDown the block, on a beachUnder a treeI got a feeling there's a miracle dueGonna come true, comin' to me...Could it be, yes, it could Something's comin', something goodIf I can wait!Something's comin',I don't know what it isBut it is gonna be great!With a click, with a shock ,Phone'll jingle, door will knock,Open the latch!Something's comin',Don't know whenBut it's soon Catch the moon,One-handed catch!Around the corner,Or whistlin' down the river Come on, deliver to me!Will it be?Yes, it will!Maybe just by holding still,It'll be there!Come on, something,Come on in,Don't be shy,Meet a guy,Pull up a chair! The air is hummingAnd something great is coming!Who knows?It's only just out of reach,Down the block, on a beach,Maybe tonight...Maybe tonight...Maybe tonight...!