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no, i didn't and truly don't know what you refer to, cecil, but i will tomorrow do a search

your reply is a good one.. i wonder these same things... that's why i posted this because i didn't think of any of these structural implications when the events happened and the emails from floyd made me think.. hard

btw, i wrote something called "who's going to police the police?" along with that other orwellian piece you've read, i'm sure.... which i posted to this email list i belong to and that prompted these replies... for what that's worth

i just sent a link to this by email so hopefully he'll come here and post his opinions

i have to be honest... i'm like half naive...... the fact that 911 happened at all frigging floored me..... i know i posted a link here during all that from another board where i started a discussion about the use of the term "evil ones" .... arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! that discussion went on from the day after for about 3 weeks i think.... it wasn't easy

now this thing with pakistan and india...

in my opinion, this is just a way to get the public to look in the wrong direction... a decoy of sorts

i mean, what two countries sitting next to each other would EVER seriously consider annihilating the other with nuclear weapons?? it's bogus!! just plain bullshit!!!!

thanks for thinking aloud, cecil..

i appreciate you!