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Awake, Shake Dreams From Your Hair.....PC......

Posted to Action Poetry

Shake dreams from your hair
And the children all went wild
To the beats
While just over there
The children died in the streets
And Jim Morrison
Ranting and raving
Cried awake
Shake dreams from your hair
The darkness and smoke
Filled the air
While just beyond
The jungle screamed
With napalm and bullets
Tearing through
Young soldiers who dreamed
Of girls back home
And letters full of naive words
Like promises to return
Went unknown
In the breast pockets
Of army jackets
Soaked with blood
And cold hands reached for something
That slipped longingly through a failing mind
Wishing to unwind
The path
And take it back
To a place where war
Was only idle talk
Spoken to pass the time....