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forgive me my selfishness

Posted to Action Poetry

they say hell hath no fury
as a woman scorned
& even tho hell can't exist
except deep in the worst part
of a crippled heart
fury does exist & you
my love have rewritten the rules
you're pj harvey with a hatchet
courtney love with a machine gun
liz phair with brass knuckles
i want to just envelope you
in bright sanctified light
but if i do i won't get to read lines like:
"hit me with remarks like a memory
of hands around a scared- as- hell face,"
so forgive me my selfishness
& render the feelings useless
gut the fractured opium of yer soul
satiate the midnight howling
& when the storm has passed
beneath all reason
lies a monumental
contraption called love
you'll like the weather there
sunbathe naked in free dreams.