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deep sweet cream dream queen

Posted to Action Poetry

you deserve to be undressed
tonight the way i undress you
both of us standing in silence
slowly unbuttoning each button
kissing your forehead as achingly s l o w
i twist yer top off yer shoulders, off yer arms
a braless chest;
no speaking,
popping a copper button
& unzipping faded jeans
one click at a time,
then kneeling before you
& eyes at crotch level licking my lips
no speaking
as i watch jeans slide over smooth hips
& down white thighs
& off long legs
& over yer feet
& while i'm there
peeling sheer silky fabric away
from fragrant moist skin
no speaking
& i'm at the crossroads
of all poetry & heatwonder
burying my face
before i pick you up
& lay you on the
bed like a deep
sweet cream dream queen

(sal is physically