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dancing with miles davis

Posted to Action Poetry

dancing with miles davis
shaking my wild mind to the side
back to front front to back
imaginary poets shaking their heads shamefully
lonely lovers of life sickened by my attempt
my words on paper undress the fascade?
we call my life
letting you slide right down my shaft
leaving traces of thought in ink
i could sit here for hours naked
with truth
returning gaze and glance with the same
amusment as they have for my soul
absorbing the feelings of my life in chaotic frenzy as my cancerous smoke momentarily drifts through the streetlight
im surrounded
with a shit eating grin i write of purity
shame of absence of shame
i get no applause from my gathering crowd
only guilty looks of embarassment
for they misjudged the chaste
freedom of love i hide behind my eyes

*Brandon Vaughn*