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about drowning--comments please

Posted to Action Poetry

Somtimes I stop breathing
as I feel myself drown
and I wonder how I failed
to notice the water spilling up
over my body, filling my throat
blurring my vision.
I can see the light,
falling in beautiful patterns
on the floor
over my feet,
lacerating my hair
making spider-webs
of brightness on my abdomen.
But I know,
it is a refraction
a break,
a distortion.
I see nothing,
I feel nothing,
I want something.
The water burbles
no music, no words,
no last glimpses of beauty
as the sun breaks through the sky
and illuminates the day dark world.
The water moves
and I wish more than anything
for the air
in white whipping images
bashing into my body
reminding me constantly
I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive...
but I am drowning
held softly
in suspended animation
in the deluge of murk
and soft floating feelings.