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Gustav Klimts Allegory of Statue was
Beckoning for me to stay creamated in the wildest
Dynamo of speech. Ecclectic rhymes with frantic thoughts
Giving gratuitous headaches before the hushed handsomless
Ego Institutions of the criminally jovial athletes
However if Krackens come from Greece
Laments must come from sin
While Mammoth manequins always
Neanderthal around the bedroom
Ostracising every which way
Plushly wrapping ribbons quasi-like for you and me
Retorically speaking of course
So sanitise your kids or else tantalizing humans will
Rapture Uvulas with your Mother vexing about you coming home
Drunk if not prolifically xenophobic about dogs and cats
So yarn me up in your Zenith I think it would be fun.

J.Galante 2002TM