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I'VE DECIDED -- please critique

Posted to Action Poetry

IÂ’ve decided that IÂ’m too lazy
To kill myself.
It takes way too much
Concerted effort.
The slow approach—
Drinking and smoking
My way into oblivion
Is my way to satisfaction.
I canÂ’t even get motivated
Enough to wake up--
How could I have the energy
To end it all?
IÂ’ve decided that
Life is just a bitch,
And that I have to
Deal with it,
Just like every other
Miserable wretch
On this earth.
IÂ’ve decided
I canÂ’t wait to sleep,
To escape the pains
Of my pathetic existence.
I want to talk to myself
And figure it all out,
But that takes too much work.
Maybe later,
IÂ’ll decide to just
Be happy
With the way things are.
Maybe IÂ’ll decide
To go on.
Maybe IÂ’ll decide
To trudge along,
In depraved ecstasy.
Maybe later
IÂ’ll do that.
But for now,
IÂ’ve decided
To quit.