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Dirty South 2

Posted to Action Poetry

We cant come to the phone right now...

oh,i knew it would come to this
slipped again fell sideways didnt try to
get up anyways
sisters lying in a xanax haze
ive done 30 oxycontins in 2 days
and you say its part of a phase:
have to laugh,i say its failure to adapt
to get wrapped up in some place
i never wanted to be in the first place
rather nod out on the couch
or walk to the store starry eyed and
slackjawed with a boy with bruises on his arm
dont answer the door
make a phone call
want more want more want more
quit my job
dont pay the landlord
cut all ties
burn the bridges left and right
cant go back turn around and laugh
into the heat from the fires
make sure its a mess
and yes
theres a method to my madness

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