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it's not that easy

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how much do you know about the
israeli history, melc?

there hasn't been anything like a
palestine people when the
jewish waves of immigration began

the land was desert... swamps...
rocky fields and mountains

the arabic big landowners and extended families
had fallen out with each other
and were mostly living in the cities
like bagdad or damaskus -
the land was empty due to its
barrenness and drought or
loosly populized by fellachs
who worked for them as tenant farmers

the efendis didn't show too much interest
in the dry land or cared much
for the people working on it
until they saw what incredible success
the jews made in the tillage
of the pieces of land they legally bought -
with tremendous effort and immense strngth
the land was made fertile

the arabic big landowners made a mint with
selling their land to the jewish agency
and then stirred up the fellachs
whom they had just deprived of their home and work
against the jewish settlers.. incited them to attack
settlements and kibbuzim and people

and what about the balfour declaration?
after the british empire had espoused
a pro-zionistic politic, the commonwealth quickly
changed sides in 1930 - they didn#t want to
fall out of favour with the arabic world...
the position in the middle east was important
for influence and power... far more important
than keeping a promise

then: immigration quotas
www II
nazi germany

still no home for the jewish people
still no entrance into the country
still they had to fight to keep even this
small, towel-sized piece of land

whom could they trust?

it is not that easy, melc

and of course i am biased
and of course there is nothing like
the good and the bad folks
and maybe israel missed the moment
of realizing that some things
had to be different after 48
and 67

but it ain't that easy
to judge

especially not if you#ve been born
into a country whose identity
and borders are safe and secure
and certain

and in the meantime
four generations have been sacrificed
to that conflict on both sides
and because sacrifices
always have to be justified
there have to be more generations
dedicated to the fight
more reprisal
more retaliation
so that the preceding sacrifices
were not for nothing...

now what to do?
break the pattern - sit down like gandhi
and lose?
or win?
put an end to it?

or continue fighting and war
and repayment
and lose as well?
or win?
or put an end to it?

do you know???

this is such a huge planet

how come it is so hard to find
a place for a people to live in peace?

and if i weren't lacking the
appropriate words
i'd say even more