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bitter words

Posted to Action Poetry

you put those words into my stomach.
and, i digested them; i think they were
OLD, even

(they didn't sit too well in there.)

but, you put your hand over
my mouth, so i couldn't bring them
back OUT the same way they came in.
i could try as i might, but
i'd just have to force myself into
swallowing them again.

(they must be sharp, or pointed words -
they kinda hurt on the way down...)

beside, they tasted pretty nasty too,
like stale freezer-burnt bread mixed with
onions and
moldy jello and
expired yogurt and
cough syrup.

(and all my other worst food-related nightmares,
and yours too.)

it wasn't just my stomach, dear -
but also my head and
face and

i looked at you and your
hand over my mouth and i
tried to see into you,
i squinted like MAD,

(maybe i need glasses)

but i still couldn't see
where those words came from, but


i tried to bite your hand, but
you just smiled and watched my
stomach CHURN some milk from your
mind into butter. you didn't care
that your acidic words were
giving me ulcers and
burning away

the lining of my stomach, like the
match i know will someday burn away
your picture!

my brain - no, not my brain - my
MIND hurt, because it knew i was trying
to digest terrible words. maybe those
words are like those
refridgerator magnets

(that we all had when we were little,
back when we didn't understand Bitter Words – we only understood the letters).
it was only
Twigs and
Sticks and
Rocks and
that could break OUR mighty strong bones
back then...
(Bitter. B-I-T-T-E-R. consonant, vowel, consonant...)

but now, it took long, MUCH
longer than usual for the words to digest
( maybe they really WERE those
colored plastic magnet letters. i hear
plastic doesn't sit too well in the belly),

but soon my stomach was
Cleared, and you took your
Hand from my mouth, but now i have
Broken Fragmented Words

f l o a t i n g

through my bloodstream and
hurting not only my
Mind and
Face, but my

Nose, my
Toes, my

you name it, they're still there, a l l o v e r .

and tomorrow, when i am not looking
i think you'll do this again.