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Song Lyrics you demanded...

Posted to Action Poetry they are:


There's somethin' in my headache that I don't plan to miss.
She is my west coast water-bride that surely I will miss.
And when I leave her I will lose it all -
Her arms, her touch and her a-tempting call.
Satan used to be in love with her

Well, she's my oriental muse somehow
Yeah she is the girl that I once used to know
If you leave this land, you'll leave her soul and heart
and all of your spoken will be torn apart
I used to pray to a lot of things except mine

She's there to talk to you about your sins
But when I call her on she always grins
She's just some foolish girl and she is oh so vile
But when you look at her you just have to smile
She's just the kind of perfect maid to clean your guts.

She's just afake like all the rest, she's just a lie

I used to love her body, I used to untie her dress
But now my hands are empty and my soul is in a mess.
It's better to drink kerosene and go to sleep
As then to realize there's nothin' left to keep
Last night her tits felt just like swords upon my breast

The reasons for my strugglin' are buried in the streets
Come on and show me how to dance, my love of disrelease
In you sweetest arms of love I feel so insecure
The only way of dancin' is to make me dance no more
She's just some naked angel in the sun

The bangin' of the drumkit is burnin' in my brain
I don't know where it's callin' from I guess that I'm insane
I need to accept there's nothin' in my head
Then why do I have to think about?
And now i'm settin' fire in their heads

Freedom has cost me many and still it cost me much
But now I pay with money, I used to pay with blood
You see I'm just a killer in a black disguise
And now you come to me, say, I got things to hide
Society failed on my sins like a whore.

Forget all the reasons why I loved you
Forget all the promises I made
If there is a chance to meet you in the dawn
I will let you wait
Is there a way to make all work undone?

And maybe this song hurts you but all of it is true.
I'm sorry when you feel so beaten up and bitter-blue.

PS: It's just a fragment.
I don't know how to really start this.
Maybe you can help me?