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big smear in Jacksonville

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You might have heard about the pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL creating a big controversy about things he said about Islam and it's founder, Muhammad. I'm staying out of the fray myself because I don't know much about Islam, but it sounds pretty serious.
I visited First Baptist Church years ago and they told me Jesus loved me but I was going to hell, so I haven't been back.
The Times-Union newspaper said, "Muslims and Christians alike said yesterday they were hurt and saddened that the pastor of Jacksonville's largest church publicly attacked Islam and called the prophet Muhammad a 'demon-possessed pedophile.'"
Some scholars say that Muhammad had several wives and one of them was only 9 years old, but the Times-Union quotes a scholar who says "Often in Eastern Cultures, a wedding is held several years before the marriage is consumated" and that some accounts say the girl was 16, not 9, when they were married.
The pastor also pointed out that God would never tell people to blow up a building, but he didn't explain why so many people have been killed in the name of Christianity, as well. Just because people say "God told me to do it" (like the woman who drowned her children in the news a while back) doesn't make the founder of the religion guilty. Here in Jax,many ministers, Muslim leaders, priests, rabbi's, and other religous leaders are meeting together to find peace and understanding with one another following this news.