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Living in America

In one hour you’re dead on the ground
In two hours it’s full of flowers
In three hours it’s alive again
Doesn’t matter what time you came...

Stas V.

Well, it's just about the American culture, where people live their lives withought knowing the reults of the past. For example in euprope the culture is hidden in Walls of many houses, buildings, theaters - everywhere (that the house is just like a tree which has to live and survive many generations, so everyone who will see the house they will remember the first owner who build it). But US culture has a practical/materialistic view on the buildings and houses and walls. So when the building is old (50years) the government will put it down (and at the same time they will put down the memory of someone who put a piece of soul there) and build the new one, and now one would know what was there before, and who build it. It's just the simplest example of self consumption.