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Please, please, please read this, everyone

Posted to Action Poetry

Kurt Cobain wrote that. If you really know all that much about Kurt I hope you're joking, man(please, don't take it as an insult, read on), if you're not joking, there's always room to learn...but anyway, an explanation as you all seem pretty rational here:

I've been posting the works of great writers, namely Allen Ginsberg, Lew Welch, Kurt Cobain, and Gary Snyder(I don't remember) to this board for awhile(actually, it was only a couple).

I do this for 2 reasons:

1. They are contributions I'd like to share with whoever hasn't yet read or heard them, but don't post them under my name because posting them under the authors' names gives them more credit.

2. You're going to take me for dickheaded, but I'd like to give people a chance to respond to these works as they'd respond to anything else on this board. Let them say what they've always wanted to in a public eye.

So please, don't ever be insulted or feel the author is being insulted by these postings....and don't be discouraged, keep faith in your heroes and their words.

Right-e-o, man....Right-e-o!