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a hungry craving salt-lipped kiss

Posted to Action Poetry

how do you remember it?
i remember it like this,
sunset, a red-orange curve,
heat-ball waves in the western sky,
standing within cliff havens
leo carrio beach
californiaÂ’s steaming coast,
you facing the fading light
me standing behind you,
bare chest against yer back
arms snaked around,
right hand s l o w l y sliding
over yer belly, slipping inside
yer smooth bikini bottom,
fingertips exploring
left hand crawling under yer top
cupping yer heated breast,
holding you that way, motionless
watching the final parched patch
of ragged red melt like a candle blotch
rushing freight train windgusts
blasting surf spilling over sand
darkness rolling in like a bed sheet
pulled completely over our heads
you turn yer face over yer right shoulder
eyes meet mine, eyes closing
& then timeless blank nothing
but a hungry craving salt-lipped kiss

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