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on the galloping cusp of the new now

Posted to Action Poetry

in front of the building where the florist
arranges flats of yellow marigolds in rows
itÂ’s the new now, inside the gas station
a third-shift dock worker buys a six-pack
itÂ’s the new now, police cars lined up
in front of a sidestreet house
with lights flashing, no sirens wailing
itÂ’s the new now in back of the brick church
where the priest throws bread crumbs to birds
itÂ’s the new now in front of the tailor shop,
the owner hoses off the sidewalk as a spray
of droplets rainbows through sunned air,
the apartment building on the corner with
stark balconies, clothes out to dry, tricycles
& bikes leaning against sad walls, lawn chairs
itÂ’s the new now there, people moving inside
a delivery truck driver navigates the street curb
in the new now, turning a hard concrete corner
itÂ’s the new now, old lady with babushka walking
up the sidewalk, pulling a metal grocery cart
two children tripping & laughing in sweet bliss
in the barbershop magazines read in the new now
hair cut in the new now, IÂ’m sitting on a stone bench
near a garden thatÂ’s a clash of color, powdery red smells
a thousand-year-old bohdisattva in black boots,
a mediterranean cave mystic with blue eyes
a walking desert dervish monk on pilgrimmage
on the galloping cusp of the new now
this is the morning of the four fire winds
this is the moment that remains here forever

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