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Death and Others

Posted to Action Poetry

(1) When I was young
I had a vision of heaven
You would die and be
able to meet any dead person
You would get 50, 100, even infinite selections
Just type in a name (into a miniature computer)
You were in a room with him/her
At the innocent age of 6
My first pick would have been Babe Ruth
But then I felt guilty about not
picking my recently deceased granddad
And so Babe Ruth fell to #2
A thought then occurred to me
What if I died at age 70?
Would I meet my dead granddad
as his contemporary or as his
I decided that when dead
You would be able to choose
at what age you'd want to meet
a certain person
I wanted to meet him at age 6
Even if I live to 106
But as Pete Townshend so emphatically yelled,
"Hope I die before I get old."

(2) A few weeks later
Another dilemma, or shall I call it a
Challenge to my theory of heaven
I decided that I wanted to meet Hitler
"What the fuck were you doing?"
I wanted to ask him
Surely Hitler wouldnt be in Heaven
When meeting him
He would be confined somehow
Not necessarily jail bars
More so of an invisible electric force field
I think I put ole' Adolf #3 on my list
But why?
(3) At age 3, I cried
Endlessly and forever
I thought that soon I'd be
as old as my father
Then be as old as his father (he hadn't died yet)
And then soon I'd be dead
I was only 3, but soon I'd be 83
Too soon
So I cried, I didnt wanna die
I was enjoying myself
Still had stuff to do
My father's vain attempts to calm me
Made him angry
He began yelling
"You will not die soon! You will have a long life!"
I bought into it
I believed him
At 17, I weep once again
17 * 2= 34 * 2=68
Thru simple math, Im suddenly old and close to
the end