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hot so hot

Posted to Action Poetry

lie back, my love.
let your body sink
as the bed embraces all of you
your bones turn limp,
your hands, arms lie helpless at your sides.
no more reaching, no more fighting it,
youÂ’re no longer in control
beyond will
beyond your self

you barely feel your own breathing
you see whatÂ’s going on but. . .
the lines are blurred.
where I begin and my touch takes us
is all one sensation.
your eyes close – the visual stimulation
is a separate treasure that must be taken
in sips. Tiny gulps of beauty. Implanted in your closed eyelids.
you smile so slightly, like one lost in a dream.

suddenly, cold! Icy cold something
dripping over your right nipple. nipple
shrieks as it pulls up erect to . . .icy lips.
tickling your numbness – icy fingers
joining in for an almost squeeze – is it real?
and now the other nipple, captured,
screams to join in the party held by
an ice Queen going mad with her mouth.

from one nipple to another, curly hair
tickles as it brushes from one ravenous player
to another. And now, barely there nails whisper a
journey from your temples, a cool massage
of caresses to steal your brainÂ’s secrets
and render you totally mine for this moment.

the massage takes over. quiet butterfly breath.
barely perceptible
moans its devotion to places aching
to moan back to beg the icy treatment.
i hear you now .. . i hear your penisÂ’ swelling
i feel the heat from you and i am drawn.

the poem begins. the rhythm of touching you
changes. your will guides me and iÂ’m
enraptured by the beat.