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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL-- please tell your thoughts

Posted to Action Poetry

I hike my backpack, blue in its righteous splendor, and enter my classroom wide-eyed, wondering what could be so wonderful as to excite thousands more innocent sheep to the ripe slaughter every year. What I see is a veritable display of gratuitous idiocy and immaturity. What human could find this appealing? Nausea. Seemingly dozens, perhaps hundreds, of tiny, sharp-toothed, foul-mouthed demons running recklessly and aimlessly amongst each other in front of my very eyes. I am appalled. A proud socially-ordained five year old such as myself deserves not to be in close quarters with these devilish fiends. Colored blocks, supposedly used to spur some creative intelligence amongst a band of miniature apes, lie strewn about throughout the prison cell without any semblance of order. One of the two foot tall mental institution psychological misfits gallops up to me on some kind of invisible equine being disguised as a broomstick and asks me if I know my ABCÂ’s. I calmly pat him on the head and assure him that I indeed do know my ABCÂ’s. How could he assume that I, a genius, would not know such an infantile piece of material?