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a mountaintop echo chatter reverb reply

Posted to Action Poetry

i like to watch the clash unfold
creatures of the paranoid night.
stoked on pleghm & ill will
battering away at nightmare visions
of their own experience
of their own devising
coughing harsh cacaphony
at themselves, spinning tires
in truck tracks of mud

how silly how funny
the blank face of reality is
if you turn off the light each time
you walk into a room you will
soon begin to see monsters
lying in wait beneath the couch

i'm here to tell you that among
your myriad of choices
are an exploding mind,
an ice cream cone heart
a body made of reuseable tincture
& an inexhaustible quantity of whitelight
etherfilled flashbasket soul

laughing in laughter
marmalade murmer smiles
you've known this message all along

it's easy to displace darkness
so easy that sometimes
a fast track back there
to accept cracked conflict
& rust bucket illusion
seems like a better choice
even when you know better
even when no one can kill you
even when an ocean of peace
is no more than a mountaintop
echo chatter reverb reply away

(sal is also