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IMMORAL -- please critique

Posted to Action Poetry

IÂ’m a piece of shit.
I gaze upon my soul
And see little but
Hate and anger.
I want to make it
Go away.
I want to make it
Fade into the black
Of an unlit hallway,
Doors open—
Waiting for me to enter
And cast my rage
Upon the innocent souls
My soul,
Tarred over
And black;
A dying cigarette
Lighting my insides
I am immoral,
A bastard fiend,
An unloved freak,
Full of hatred
For my reality.
I want to change,
But I donÂ’t,
Happy as I can be
In my pitch earth.
I am immoral,
And I know it.
I think I am alone,
But everyone is like me.
Everyone is like me.