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Why i write spoken word on the internet

not to be cynical or anything but this piece i think aptly depicts the sentiments of a large portion of chatters, posters, rapsters, beaters that contribute so much creative material to the online forum. who re all relatively nameless and faceless displaced by mute graces displayed on these pages with no way to touch bases with where our pieces are gettin
go toward the purplish stone contraption over there yea no not that one the one with the bees swarming on it. now fill that chalice with the bbeees ,come on now, thats it they shant sting. ok now undo that suture on your forearm and take out the two long thin bones immediately under the suurface funnel the bees into the marrow holes thats it empty the chalice good, now replace the bones, go roll these stones in that wooden skull over there, intone ravacashiti seven times and thank the heavens for you are saved