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Lying on the grass
Staring at the sky
Sunbeams break through
Cracks in the clouds
Heaven lets its light shine down
On the world
Tigerlilies and roses
Caterpillars and butterflys
The children of Mother Nature
And our Heavenly Father

I see the world still spinning
Life still goes through circles
The end always brings a new beginning
The tunnel may be a long one
But there is a light
And when you reach it
It thus completes another circle
And don't be discouraged
If fall into another tunnel
For I've seen the light
And lost it many times

I used to worry
About when the road will end
But now I know
There is nothing to fear
When you take me by the hand
And help me stand
Brave before the world
And for that I thank you

I see my reflection
In other people's eyes
I want to be a
Shoulder for them to lean on
For now I know
There's more to life
Than wallowing around
In your own misery