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mind-soul vibe, comments welcome..

Posted to Action Poetry

proud u didnt let things fall thru
that u can sit on the phone and not fall asleep after 12 long hours at work
and still not fall dead from kicking peoples asses
and not ever being an ass
and not ever falling into a depressed as shit state in which i usually fall in those types of situations, in this kinda situation
its sometimes hard to handle,
no, i mean i cant handle what comes w/ the void
and mindless, senseless thoughts i cant avoid for its almost part of being me
especially when its about someone i cant see
or i cant literally feel the vibe so he says
he says i need to feel a real mind-soul vibe
well its possible even tho i cant feel you
beside me
just said i didnt see a point but i really meant to say i didnt know where this was leading
going over and over like this song in my head
catching the same notes falling one by one
as the suns breathing comes down onto me
i feel like its rays are falling trying to get
me outta this state cuz w/ my mind
i cant by myself erase these feelings that flow like the repeating sounds i hear every time the sun hits the ground with nowhere else to go,
just hits with a hard casting of light trying to reach me,
it misses somehow again,
when will all this sick madness, confusion end, finally become real, not fake,
because the suns distance away was a mistake,
it was too far to reach me,
to far to reach you,
and way too fucking far to reach both of us at the same time, to bring us as one,
and just let us have some fun together talking, laughing, breathing in the fresh mountain air, and giving each other long stares of admiration and lust.. if its only that.. i doubt it..