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Comprehend Something

Posted to Action Poetry

Apprehension fills my soul at its thought
And its repugnance interrupts my stomach's activities
I remembered what I had been taught
I lost my keys...I didn't need to

My blood furiously begins to run
There is a knife at my face that can only be removed with a gun
I continue to fly, even though my wings are gone
I persistently beg, despite that my mind is done

Like a pearl that can be touched but not seen
Scorned, condemned to pass on my defective gene
There is no exit door
Walking for miles, my feet are sore
Caring is becoming a burdensome chore
I despise what I used to adore
My body feels as though it has been churned like a coffee bean
Was I infected during a wean, or during a dream
It has become impossible to release steam

Comprehend nothing and you will understand me
Comprehend something and stand above me
I would be brimming with jealousy