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Yes I agree

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that Ole Mama has taken far more lives than any person or persons possibly could.
And yes, "Natural" death is a cop-out as all death is natural and only truly sad if you believe that this is all there is. I was not happy with the term but could not think of a better one on the spur of the moment.
And, no, it doesn't take into account all those who died of apathy or neglect or greed. It is sad that here in the United States, we pay farmers not to grow on their land with the purpose of manipulating the market to keep prices high. If were are going to subsidize there farmers, why not give them the money, and as long as were are just giving it to them, give it to them with the requirement that they continue to grow on that land, and then take the excess and give it to the poor of the world? I know some would say that that would destablize the market, but giving food to people who cannot afford to buy it and are therefore not a part of the market to begin with doesn't seem like it could do much harm.