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am i a conspiracist

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at present in the usa they're is an activist by the name of Boyd E Graves who is takking the office of the prez to court on the grounds of
it seems that after a stint of 10 years research in the lab of the state he came across a flow chart (1962-78) which shows how government sponsored, (russian and american in time of cold war), scientists were developing a virus that would be racially specific in attempt to control the black populace of sweet old usa and was being attached to vaccines in africa
he is saying that it did not begin in african monkeys or chimps as speculated but was sent there after being developed from the visna virus found in sheep
this from the nixon and pre nixon years
the history goes deep into racistlalalalalalalala land

could this be wag the dog post clinton
war on terrorism certainly is soaking up alot of media attention
i am wondering how many americans are aware of this court case
please feed back as i am very interested in what you think

check out for more info