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Why I left

Posted to Action Poetry

I only went for two weeks and stayed twenty years
I love PR and it's wonderful warm people. No
racism no class war, every body gets along and they
really give anybody the benefit of the doubt.
I loved Old San Juan and didn't I find the
beatest bar ever, THE BATAY ,with it's hand grenade
school of architecture? The owner Davy Jones refuses to wash the walls for fear they'll fall down. And I could write pages about ex-pat Carib bean beats. I loved my jungle ranch and all my
animals. But you know, It was all too comfortable
and the island got smaller and smaller and I knew
everybody and did everything and I got the chance
to go back to Paris and I took it. I've never regretted it. I go back every few years. I spent a month there this year and loved it. Yes I have
the tape and I'm having it digitally cleaned up
it's over 30 years old.