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HELL IN THE HEART-- please critique

Posted to Action Poetry

The rage overflows the cauldron,
Spilling anger on the hands below.
From the fires of hell,
The feelings rise in acrid clouds
Of smoke—
SatanÂ’s cigarette slowly being smoked;
Ash drowning the somber swaths beneath.
They pray for forgiveness,
But he laughs,
Bearing the bloody canines
In his crooked smile,
As he crushes the corpses
Between his fingers,
Long and narrow,
Yellow nails and the breath of death.
The anger undying and undenied,
The rage of billions
Embodied here unequivocally.
Writhing hatred, the depression
Of dislike.
There is no hell,
Only the idea of anger
In tangibility.
Here it lies:
All negativity,
Not underground,
Not in hell,
Not on earth,
But in the heart