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the red room

Posted to Action Poetry

Hell, it's a vision of Inferno we all seem to share, more or less. "Divina Commedia" and all that stuff... I cannot escape the imagery of flames, of everything being RED, RED, RED, and of course someone's wicked smile coming from the very bottom of that (RED) horrible place; silent or loud, but still smashing your heart.
And if you think of the colours again- our very hearts ARE red, red, red... Hell, we seem to run blindly in a circle, but this is not the point I wanted to talk about. I just wanted to whisper very silently in your ear that nobody could hear "don't be afraid RevelationNC...", 'cause among other things, I had a dream today of a hell of a no-way-out situation among those I love most... got terrorized too.

P.S. I liked the image of Satan's "cigarette slowly being smoked"