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Home Is Where the Heart's Eaten

Posted to Action Poetry

I know Clinton's not the president anymore, I wrote this awhile ago

In the gulf of mexico
The coast gaurd's reaking havoc
Eating Cuban hearts
Getting off on their panic
The organs they eat
Are gaurenteed organic
The CIA protects them
And our Constition grants it

people here at home
read it in the news
but they don't care either
they pack their pistols too
and your best friend brings
his 45 to school
you're glad he killed the teacher
but he's comin' after you

Out there in the white house
Clinton's getting blowjobs
Over In the middle east
They're shooting Jews and Slovs

Take a look at our system
People here die too
Locked up like animals
in the warden's zoo
Senators change nothing
Nothingness in me and you