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(West Side Stories) K-Town

Posted to Action Poetry

middle of winter and grown men are crying on my couch
the regular dealers disappeared among the usual
dopefiend rumors(think he's got the virus)
and no one wants to go to K-Town in the middle of the night
(put your hands behind your back
words no one wants to hear tonite with the snowstorm obscuring all but the the tiny haze of
and the sickness in its worst stages
im standing ,looking out at the window ,city
quiet hushed by blankets of snow
winds howling at the door insistently:letting me know this isnt going to let up,sweetie,its going to just get worse
would look peaceful but dopesickness gives everything an evil forbidding look,doom lurks from each darkened alleyway
finally I turn from the window,look around the
old loft,drafty and dark
tears just beggining to well up in my eyes
"Are we going to K-Town or not?"
maybe they can't stand to see me cry,maybe they feel like crying but someone else,don't remember now who,tells me they'll go ,you stay here sera,your too sick.
Indeed.But Im going because Ill hit in the car..Im not waiting.
The streets are nearly empty ..we hit K-town which is never quiet but is tonight :Augusta and St.Louis,Avers and Iowa,Madison and Keeling,Washington and Karlov,18th and Kammerling(most of the streets start with K in this part of town hence the name)
finally way at Franklin and Keystone we find a spot open,the saddest most abandoned windswept lot you've ever seen,and in my dopesick prohetic clarity I can picture the end of the world perfectly.
The dopedealer is old,and worn down,and tired of seeing pathetic dopesick kids like us ,tired of standing on cold corners and doesnt even say a word to us as we make the exchange.He said it all a million times and he is tired .So am I.
I make my friend hit me in the car,careless about police in that desperate junksick way,and altho I feel better and the snowstorm and even K-Town look almost benign now,I whisper "Im going to the meth clinic.I can't take this anymore.
"Yeah,right"he says laughing,sticking his needle in his arm.
But I do the next day.