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the wrong test..

Posted to Action Poetry

two months've passed by
ask me for a letter
and i cant even reply, dont know why
i want to almost leave you behind as a good friend
and nothing more
i write you sometimes
but my letters seem a bore and painfully stupid
letters id rather not send
you are going thru so much more pain and hurt than i am
you truly now know whats its like to go thru all the misery and obstacles the tough give
the hardships that come w/ trying to fight your way to live
to live on your own, and not have a place to call your home because you are off fighting
they have you on guard
you were suicidal, too
had to cut hair, no ones there to care,
care if you look decent ever
and nights drift off like ships going on trips forever to seek whats not been found yet in world.
u are on that same search as those ships
no ones there to give u tips on where to steer
not ever leaving is your worst fear
ud like to leave,
thought your goal was pointless and childish
u see how it really was
and how riches couldve come quicker and easier if ud just followed my advice
not taken a chance on risking your own mind and soul to control them
you'll never have any control, you'll never be more than a name on a roll with clothes just like the rest
making you work your best to see if you can pass their test
we all knew u were great before u had to prove yourself to be better than the rest..