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the horrible crutch..

Posted to Action Poetry

it feels like pounds of weigh on my chest coming hard, fast as my car driving down 81 without any ac
hurts like hell, like hell when i got these damn cravings for food but i couldnt eat
i couldnt sleep, i couldnt weep
i tried so hard not to feel any pain
but i just one day had to give in
i didnt have to, but my body was failing from lack of sleep
i couldnt dream anything deep
i couldnt hold any memories in my mind
my family, friends, i wanted to leave behind
so i felt someone, something out there was being unkind..
but i wanted some memories, some good ones, to wash away the horrible things id seen and heard, and
i waited for good to come while i was sitting alone feeling numb so it all wouldnt come to an end
the end was just really a way of getting outta my stupid town and my petty friends i thought couldnt help at all
but the end wouldve been a huge downfall from where i was then
and i wouldnt have held another memory or felt anything anymore at all so i decided to choose another way
i didnt wanna wake up, not for any reason, not any day
i just wanted the clouds to sink into my room w/ me and let everyone let me be to myself to keep me peacefully asleep
dreams were as close to the end as i could get
dreams were ways i could think of ideas to reach the end...
the numbness from what i took stopped those dreams, but now w/out that crutch its not like life was really as bad as it seemed.