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Nobody is a 'Chosen People'...

Posted to Poetry and Politics

The Judeo/Christian doctrinations have repeatedly said that Israel (the land) was given by god to "His Chosen People."

Personally, I find this statement a bit egotistical in essence. When has anyone 'heard' God speak? I say nobody can ever "hear" the voice of God and relay those 'words' to anyone except the very gullible. God does not have a mouth.

Furthermore, why would any power that is called "God", the creator of all Life, pick and choose among his creations, "One People"? It is ludicrous to believe that if you are not in that select group, you are somehow less than what "God" Himself has created. Is the Milky Way, because it has life forms, 'chosen' by God to be greater than any other constellation? That could be argueable.

When we speak of "God" we, by the very definition of "One" no longer have a pick and choose about it. "One" by its very nature stands alone and transcends any duality. This "Oneness" is the very nature of existence... we, and I speak of all life forms, including the entire universe complete with all the constellations, indeed, all that we know that is of form and matter, to be "One."

Would you have any doubt if a person from Mongolia said that God told him that the land called China 'belongs' to him and his people? I think that you would feel as I do that his "god" is full of shit.