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the scream....

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i say that "violence is a scream of ignorance", with ignorance being a state of ingoring, because the violence is being perpetuated by ignoring the 'others' viewpoints, whether they be in the mid-east, the congo, ireland, quebec, or wherever we see violence being manifested.

if both sides of the violence continue to 'ignore' the wants, needs, desires of the 'other', that provokes the eruptive nature. witness a child that does not get what they want, a tantrum ensues, and manifest that into adult behavior, and you have 'big kids' throwing tantrums (bombs, missiles, rocks, etc) at their suppressors.

our dreams are only fodder for our own foolish egos. what i want is not what i necessarily need, nor do others around me necessarily need. what we all 'need' is to coexist, and moreso than ever before due to the incredible amount of humanity we have chosen to produce.(re:over population) unfortunately we have produced quantity, but little in quality.